Why have I decided to write this blog? What’s in it for me?

After my article published on Thrillist : How I make $200k a Year Demanding Money From Men Online ran back in 2015, I was bombarded with emails from women seeking advice on how to do the same. At first the idea of sharing the secret to my success was daunting. Not only did I not want more competition, I didn’t want to have to explain myself over and over again.

So here’s the deal. I am going to show you all the opportunities out there but it’s your job to connect the dots, put in the hard work, effort, energy, and time to succeed. Why am I doing this? Why not? There is a new domme born every day so why not give her the tools to become successful and teach her how to carry the title of a dominatrix right. I’m more put off by men walking all over webcam models, demanding their fetish be served without respecting or compensating their Mistresses properly. This lowers the bar and the standards for what was once such a niche and  highly regarded position.

And honestly, no matter how much free advice, tips, tricks etc. I provide… it takes a lot of dedication self motivation and work ethic to succeed. I built my brand from the bottom up. I’ll also be the first to admit I also got into the industry at a key and pivotal time. I helped pioneer and pave the way this online fetish called “findom” has exploded into today. I’ve got a lot of know how and opportunity but it’s up to you to take advantage of what I’m offering.

I will also note, I’ve included a few affiliate links to products and sites. Rest assured, they are products and sites I use and trust but I’m not going to lie, I’d like to be compensated for my time and advice and would appreciate it if you decide to sign up or purchase something, you do so with my referral code.

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