Why Shoot Quality Fetish Clips

Let’s face it, clips are important. It’s residual income. Money while you sleep. Put in the time and effort in now and make money for years to come.

Shooting fetish clips isn’t hard. All you need is the right equipment and editing software to get started. Using your iPhone and some basic knowledge of iMovie may get you by in the beginning but will make it difficult to sustain and gain in this competitive industry. Don’t forget, all equipment purchased IS A TAX WRITE OFF!! I’ve included Amazon links because a lot of industry girls receive amazon gift cards as payment. But if you do pay out of pocket with a credit card, you can deduct it from your gross income. This includes webcams, computers, costumes etc. But more on that later.

How To Shoot Quality Fetish Clips

Hair and makeup aside, it’s important to find a quit spot you will feel comfortable talking openly to the camera in. This is what we call POV (point of view) style clips. Props are fun but not essential. Nor is nudity. You do what you are comfortable with and it will show through in your performance. It’s also important to focus on trigger words. For example, if the theme of your clip is humiliation you will want to pay attention to saying the word loser, or making the L sign with your hand and angling the camera low like he is on his knees looking up at you.

I’ve created a list of items essential to being successful at shooting fetish clips below.


This is a tough one. All camera’s to an extent are doable. It’s important to use a camera with a memory card slot and not just internal memory (ie. your iPhone). The size and the speed of the memory card is also important. Don’t go with just any old cheap card. You want to make sure no important date is lost due to a faulty card. I recommend San Disk Extreme Pro 64mb or larger. I personally use a Canon XA10 but something a simple as a Canon VIXIA HF R700 Camcorder will work just as well. It’s also a good idea to pick up a spare batter and external wall charger to charge one while you shoot if you plan on shooting anything over an hour or so.


Amazon’s Basics tripod will get the job done. I will write more on the quality and lifespan of products and brands later.


Lighting is very important. The most popular source of lighting nowadays is the ring light. But for a cheaper option, you can go with an umbrella lighting kit. Without the proper lighting your clips will come out lacking quality.


I myself like to use a HDMI cable to connect my camcorder to a tv or monitor and watch myself closer on the big screen. The longer the length the better. Mics are also fun but not vital.

Once the basics are mastered, there many more fun and creative feature you can begin to incorporate when making clips such as a green screen, voiceovers, sound fx, etc. But for now I suggest you stick with the basics.

Next Up : Editing

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