As I’ve mentioned before and will promise to mention again: DO NOT USE PAYPAL, CIRCLE PAY, SQUARE, VENMO etc unless you have successfully read their TOS section to ensure adult content is allowed.

One of my personal favorites is Kinkbomb. Once signed up, you can opt into their 90% tributes for life offer. Can’t beat 90%. They are literally taking nothing for themselves. The 10% goes straight to the credit card processor. is another site I trust to take tribute. Their payout on tribute is 75% and they have the highest clip payout out at 70%. I like taking tribute with IWC as it boosts my ranking on IWC’s top list which in turn boosts my exposure to new potential customers.

IndieBill seems to be a favorite with girls overseas.  With an 85% payout minus chargebacks*, I’d say this one is also a win win. I personal don’t use it… BUT after discovering IndieBill’s perks while writing this, I now plan to.

Other great sites out there such as Clips4Sale (60%) and Niteflirt (70%) I accept tribute on but don’t encourage it.

A chargeback is a disputed transaction resulting in the loss of funds earned.

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