OnlyFans is Hot!

For the past few weeks my OnlyFans has been on ?!

What is Onlyfans? It’s a Twitter Instagram pay-per-view hybrid. Once you open an account, you have the option to charge subscribers a monthly fee to view all of your content. You also have the option to post free content visible to non subscribers in order to entice new member signups. But not only can you charge a monthly membership fee, you can also send out pay-per-view private msgs. Let’s say you have one loyal fan who pays extra for special or private content. You can send him pay-per-view of pics to score some extra cash… AND you can MASS msg all your fans with the same pay-per-view hoping they ALL bite!

Need help promoting your OnlyFans profile? My suggestion is to take advantage of Twitter. Post the hottest photo or a preview vid on twitter and link to your OnlyFan’s profile. If your fan doesn’t become a follower right away,  if he keeps seeing more and more exciting posts, he’s eventually going let his curiosity get the best of him and subscribe.

But remember! It pays to be consistent. It pays to post content with little or even no followers. You NEED nice little nest or cushion of back content. Subscribers want to feel like they are not only interacting with you but that they are also getting their money’s worth of past content.

Oh, and did I mention OF’s allows you to go LIVE on cam? I have yet to use this function so I can’t say much about it YET. I plan to take advantage of it soon and will report back.

And the best news of all is you keep 80% commission on all signups, tributes, and a pay-per-view feature (vs 60% clip site sales), JOIN ONLYFANSand start making that cash!

Still don’t believe me? Check out this article The NY Times posted on OnlyFans. 

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